Video. Ansel Adams - The Mural Project 1941-1942 .US Department of the Interior

Ansel Adams - The Mural Project 1941-1942

Visitors to 1849 C Street will now see a series of magnificent murals that highlight the legacy of two of the greatest figures in Department of the Interior history, Secretary Harold Ickes and renowned photographer Ansel Adams.

The murals, which we first unveiled in a recent celebration marking the Departments 161st anniversary, represent 26 of the photos Ickes commissioned Adams to produce as part of the Mural Project of 1941.

The stunning black-and-white photos, on display in the main hallways of the first and second floors of our main Interior building, convey the beauty Adams saw in our Departments diverse mission, and include:

a pair of Native American children;
the eruption of Old Faithful; and
the intricate network of power lines at Boulder Dam.