Mostrando entradas de 2015

A tourist in New York City with photo camera. Life in New York:People on Central Park

Fotografía. Atardecer sobre la ciudad, chimenea. Landscapes of Spain. Sunset over the city. Chimney, winter, smoke.

Landscapes of Spain. Winter,night on the beach. Man and dog.

Landscapes of Spain. On the road, to the airport.

A tourist in New York City with photo camera. People. New York Grand Central Station. Color, B&W

Landscapes of Spain. Action-bird-painting. To Piero Manzoni.

Fotografía. Otoño en las montañas asturianas. Cerca de Coto Bello. Aller. Landscapes of Spain. Fall, mountains.

A tourist in New York City. Iron bridge, flag and NYwaterway ship

Fotografía. Perro. Saltando por la pelota. Landscapes of Spain. Dog. Jumping for the ball

Photography and word. Fly me to the moon. Frank Sinatra' centennial 2015.

Fotografía Serie paisajes silos Castilla

Photography and word. Moonlight. Foto. Luz de luna

Fotografía Perro en el puerto. The swimming dog, summertime, on the harbour.

Landscapes of Spain. Autumn. People with dogs on the beach. Sunday morning

Landscapes of Spain. Sunrise from Iberia' plane landing Madrid 1ª