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Fotografía. Madrid. El ascensor del Corte Ingles. Architecture, Classic houses in Serrano St. Landscapes of Madrid from Corte Ingles lift

Landscapes of Spain. Just life, tourism, people. The queue at the Prado Museum

Landscapes of Spain. The sea, real abstraction, sea foam

Landscapes of Spain, summer, the beach, the sea, people.

Fotografía y palabra. Dibujo foto del Puerto del Musel. GIMP.Photography and word. Drawning photo: A harbour. ( Gijón, Asturias, Spain)

Fotografía y manipulación. Abstracción. Le photographe est celui qui sait voir ce que nous ne voyons pas

Landscapes of Spain. Stormy day. People photographing the waves

Fotografía Serie fotos enmarcadas Palacio Real Madrid. Photo series Framed photos Royal Palace Madrid