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Una vista, selectiva, a los fondos fotográficos de este periodico

Pictures and more pictures.How many? We don’t know. Our best guess is five million to six million prints and contact sheets (each sheet, of course, representing many discrete images) and 300,000 sacks of negatives, ranging in format size from 35 millimeter to 5 by 7 inches — at least 10 million frames in all. The picture archive also includes 13,500 DVDs, each storing about 4.7 gigabytes worth of imagery. When the Museum of Modern Art set out to exhibit the highlights of the Times archive in 1996, it dispatched four curators

  • Muy interesante como nos explican el contenido, el significado del dorso de estas fotografías de agencia que todos tenemos alguna en nuestra colección.

..................A note about back stories: to enhance the photos’ value as artifacts and research tools, we’ll present an image of the reverse side of each print. In many cases, you’ll get to see how often the photo was used, in what context and at what size; the information provided by the photographer; and the information that made it into the published caption. An annotated reverse side of a photo from the morgue appears below, offering some clues about the kinds of notations you’ll see over and over again as you explore the Lively Morgue.

As a sample
Sequence Using blue grease pencil, the photo indexer has noted that this was the third picture in a series of three shots that were published. The word “service” indicates that the image was taken by an agency freelancer
Payment This $3 notation likely describes the fee paid to the freelance photographer.
Caption Information about this January 9, 1930 image was provided by the Philadelphia bureau of Wide World Photos and glued to the back of the print.