Fotografía El huerto. Homenaje a Jean Francois Millet. Photo The potager Tribute to Millet

En cierto modo si Millet hiciese hoy el cuadro, este tema, también pintaría el coche como elemento del paisaje.....o quizás no, pero hoy día es imagen corriente en los campos.

Metropolitan Museum

Garden Scene

Jean-François Millet  (French, Gruchy 1814–1875 Barbizon) 


The Gleaners

Jean-François Millet  (French, Gruchy 1814–1875 Barbizon) 


Musée d' Orsay


Des glaneuses also called Les glaneuses [Gleaners, also called, The Gleaners]

....Then Millet slowly smudges the distance into a powdery golden haze, accentuating the bucolic impression of the scene in the background. The man on horseback, isolated on the right, is probably a steward. In charge of supervising the work on the estate, he also makes sure that the gleaners respect the rules governing their task. His presence adds social distance by bringing a reminder of the landlords he represents .......