Links: At the Museum MOMA. Cada viernes un documental sobre su actividad.

At the Museum MOMA.

Cada viernes el MOMA publica en youtube un corto documental sobre la actividad del museo.
La serie se llama At the Museum y aqui les presento los primeros
Excelente idea para acercar el Museo al público. 

Shipping & Receiving (Episode 1) | AT THE MUSEUM

As the Museum of Modern Art prepares to ship 200 masterworks by artists like Picasso, Cézanne, Rothko and de Kooning for a special exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, other MoMA staff begin to install a new line-up of exhibitions in New York

The Making of Max Ernst (Episode 2) | AT THE MUSEUM

MoMA curators Anne Umland and Starr Figura design a new exhibition of works by the artist Max Ernst. See what it takes to run a modern museum in our new documentary series: "At the Museum." 

Pressing Matters (Episode 3) | AT THE MUSEUM

A number of decisions must be made quickly in advance of two exhibition openings, "Louise Bourgeois: An Unfolding Portrait" and "Max Ernst: Beyond Painting." See what it takes to run a modern museum in our new documentary series: "At the Museum." A new episode premieres each Friday

Art Speaks (Episode 4) | AT THE MUSEUM

What does art say to you? MoMA staff and visitors reflect on the purposes of modern art—as an aide to clear your mind, symbols of societal change, or as abstract images that can form links between two complete strangers.

Open House (Episode 5) | AT THE MUSEUM

MoMA PS1’s Open House premieres a new season of exhibitions by artists Carolee Schneemann, Cathy Wilkes, Alvaro Barrington and Naeem Mohaiemen. See how curators and artists work together on final details in advance of the day-long celebration.