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Una de las más famosas exposiciones del siglo XX que nos incluyen los libros de Historia del Arte es The Armory Show.
Pues bien Art Institute Chicago nos ofrece una recreación virtual de la misma que merece la pena ver.

The Art Institute of Chicago enjoys the unique distinction of having been the only art museum to host the Armory Show during its tour of the United States. As such, it was also the first museum to exhibit the works of modern artists including Constantin Brâncusi, Marcel Duchamp, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso. This site explores the organization, presentation, reception, and impact of the Armory Show in Chicago and celebrates the city's important place in the early history of modern art in America.

y, ademas, podemos descargarnos libremente un pdf con el Catálogo de dicha exposición.

Unlike the New York catalogue for the International Exhibition of Modern Art—which, due to time constraints and a staggering number of artworks, was awkwardly organized and included a supplement with corrections and late additions—the catalogue for the Chicago exhibition had the advantage of being published in one compact volume with 16 illustrations and 453 items organized alphabetically by artist.1 For the benefit of the public and at the insistence of the Art Institute's director, William M. R. French, the titles of all the works were also translated into English.