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 Mas de 100 artistas hablan sobre una obra de otro artista perteneciente a los fondos del MET.
Son vídeos cortos muy entretenidos, curiosos, e interesantes en sus explicaciones pues el punto de vista de un artista no suele coincidir con el nuestro propio ante una obra en particular

From 2015 to 2016, we invited 120 artists—local, national, and global—to choose individual works of art or galleries that spark their imaginations. In this online series, artists reflect on what art is, what inspires them from across 5,000 years of art, and in so doing, they reveal the power of a museum and The Met. Their unique and passionate ways of seeing and experiencing art encourage all museum visitors to look in a personal way.
Over the course of six seasons, The Artist Project will share the perspectives of one hundred artists with the public, telling us what they see when they look at The Met.